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Ark Jobs is a free service for candidates looking for part time work. We specialise in part time vacancies in the Education sectors in UK.

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Decca Group Ltd

Ark Jobs is owned and managed by Decca Group Ltd. Specialised in Education and IT, Decca Group provides supplementary education to children from aged 8 onwards up to 18 and short courses for adults. Ark private exam centre, is an approved Centre to conduct GCSE and GCE examinations for Pearson Edexcel and AQA awarding bodies. We are also approved to run new reformed Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills qualifications.The IT division of Decca Group Ltd, ITTrends provides IT services to small and medium businesses. Having a range of business, we are in constant need to fresh talents to join our growing team and Ark Jobs allows us to find the right candidates. In addition to the job opportunities within the Decca Group, we may also able to help find work in areas closer to the applicants since we are networked with small and businesses across London to share and promote talents.

Our tutor recruitment process

1. Prospective tutors apply with a CV and cover letter with their academic background and teaching experience.

2. Each and every application is reviewed by our team and contact the shortlisted candidate for interview.

3. The first part of the interview is a lesson which is prepared in advance by the tutor but needs to be adapted on the day according to the needs of the student. The student is one of our assessors. Our team of assessors is made up of our most experienced and highest performing tutors.

4. The second part of the interview is a self-assessment, in which the tutor is encouraged to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the lesson they gave. This gives us an insight into the tutor's self-awareness and their ability to improve their own practice.

5. The third and final part of the interview is a general discussion about the tutor's teaching approach and philosophies.

6. We listen very carefully to our students and parents’ feedback, to ensure that they are continually meeting the highest standards.

We also conduct thorough background checks

1. An ID check, to prove the tutor is who they claim to be and is allowed to work in the UK.

2. A Qualifications check, to prove the tutor has genuinely obtained excellent academic credentials relevant to the subjects they will be tutoring.

3. A DBS (previously 'CRB') check, to ensure there is no criminal background making them unsuitable to work as a private tutor.

4. Reference check, to get an outside perspective on the tutor's teaching skills, reliability and personality.